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YUPP Club Membership

Become a part of our thriving YUPP Club community. Access professional development workshops, philanthropy events, and networking opportunities.

Family Values Workshops

Explore programs that instill family values, creating a sense of community and support among our members.

Entrepreneurship Education

Unlock your entrepreneurial potential through our educational resources and mentorship programs.

Community Outreach

Discover our philanthropy initiatives aimed at giving back to the community and making a positive impact.


What is the YUPP Club, and how can I become a member?

The YUPP Club is a vibrant community within Leading the Way, dedicated to the development of young professionals and philanthropists. To become a member, simply navigate to our Membership page and follow the registration process. Once you're a member, you'll gain access to a variety of professional development workshops, philanthropy events, and networking opportunities.

How does Leading the Way promote family values and entrepreneurship education?

We are committed to instilling family values and fostering entrepreneurship education through targeted workshops and programs. Our Family Values Workshops create a sense of community and support among our members, while our Entrepreneurship Education initiatives provide educational resources and mentorship programs. These experiences aim to equip our youth with the skills and mindset needed to navigate both personal and professional aspects of their lives.

How can I get involved in Leading the Way's community outreach and philanthropy initiatives?

We welcome individuals and organizations to join us in making a positive impact through community outreach. Whether you're a volunteer, donor, or community leader, there are various ways to get involved. Visit our Community Outreach page to learn about ongoing initiatives, and feel free to contact us through the provided channels. Your support can help us create meaningful change and contribute to the betterment of our communities.

Becoming a member of the YUPP Club at Leading the Way has been a game-changer for me. The workshops and networking opportunities have not only enhanced my professional skills but also connected me with like-minded individuals who share a passion for making a positive impact.

Sarah Thompson, YUPP Club Member

As a seasoned entrepreneur, I joined Leading the Way's Entrepreneurship Education program to give back to the community. The experience has been incredibly rewarding. The mentorship aspect allowed me to share my knowledge and guide aspiring young entrepreneurs.

Mariel Rodriguez, Entrepreneurship Education Mentor

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